At the beginning of play, choose a “Chairman.” It doesn't matter how you do it, but the Chairman’s role is a very important one. He decides when the subjective drinks are warranted, and also has the power to “make up” a drink: should the Chariman feel that something deserves a drink (like if something incredibly stupid happens), he can direct everyone to drink for it.
Conditions Drinks
When the quote is shown at opening of show 1
If Kaga is dubbed (not subtitled) 4
When Kaga says “If memory serves me right” 1
When Kaga eats or drinks anything 1
If Kaga gives a funky look 1
Any time “Iron Chef” is spoken in English 1
If Iron Chef Italian is not shown Laugh and sip
Every time the Japanese symbol for Iron Chef comes flying at you before and after commercials 1
If the symbol doesn’t come flying at you 2
Challenger Introduction
If the challenger is a woman 3
If the challenger is a “master” of anything1
If the challenger is said to “reflect” anything1
If the challenger enters with an entourage 1
If the challenger is returning1
- If he’s quit his job since his last battle+2
- If he battles the same Iron Chef +1
Iron Chef Selection and Ingredient Introduction
If the Iron Chef is pre-chosen 3
If the chosen Iron Chef is not Morimoto, Sakai, or Kenichi 2
When the ingredient is announced 1
- If it is lowered from the ceiling +2
If the ingredient is not seafood 2
If the ingredient is alive when presented 3
If the ingredient is “plain” (e.g. potatoes, rice)2
If the cost of the ingredient is mentioned1
If either chef drops the ingredient Laugh and sip
If ingredients are listed 1
If flames come out of whatever is on the stove 1
Anytime Ota says “Fukui-san!” 1
If Ota corrects Fukui-san 2
Anytime a replay is shown 2
Anytime the time is shown or mentioned 1
If someone says something is “rather unusual” 1
If the food makes you hungry 1
If a cameraman is shown on camera 1
If the reverb/ echo from the dubbed voices gets out of control Scowl and sip
Each time the ice cream machine or deep fryer is shown 1
If the challenger’s kitchen is sabotaged in anyway 3
If either chef makes a menu 1
If either chef throws out a dish 2
If either chef’s use of the theme ingredient plays no role in the dish (i.e. garnish) 3
If either chef uses “OK,” “all right,” or “my best” during post-cook-off interview 1
Dish Presentation, Tasting, Judgment
If the challenger has more dishes than the Iron Chef 1
If Kishi is not on the panel 2
Anytime the CDJ (Coquette de Jour) says something stupid 1
- If she laughs at herself +1
- If she starts singing Finish your beverage
If either chef personally serves a dish to the panel 2
If a panelist extols a dish as outstanding 1
- If it is Kishi +1
If a panelist outright insults a dish 1
- If it is Kishi +1
If there is an overtime battle Half your beverage
If a challenger defeats an Iron Chef 2
- If the challenger is a woman +3

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